Reviews for "Frog"

Sorry mate but...

I tryied to get some kinda story line in my head there... Then if the choice of music was great... Then the graphics... Then.... dude sorry but, nothing funny, nothing good looking and sadly, although reminiscing of the 8 bit era, nothing pleasant to the ears. But I'm sure you didn't just do this to see how much attention you could get outta that... right? Hrm...


this is kinda lame the music was good and it kinda reminded me of the 8 bit era but other than that its not that great


Yea it had a good song. Yea, the frog was silly. BUT. this had no point watsoever. The frogs didnt sync up with the music very well, and it was just 5 things (Im pretty fricken sure one was a cat) with a 2 frame loop, moving various places on the screen. That takes. NO SKILL. I do not see the entertainment in this.

I think that just gave me cancer

That was just like one of those old Atari games...from when they ran out of good ideas. You new at this? You obviously got a handle on the basics of Flash, now do something interesting.


i feel srry for anyone who knows the guy who front paged this......
the only thing i found even the slightest bit enjoyable was the music, and that was for about 20 seconds
i cant realy say the graphics were nice because ive seen better on the nes but anyways i guese i still gotta say it sooooooo
gratz on the front page = /