Reviews for "Frog"


i don't know what u guys felt but that was not bad, and not good... 5 AND DONT BLAM SPwns. he's just writing what HE is thinking...

no way

didn't like the animation and they dont look like frogs and
there was too much of one thing.

not great

heh, mildly amusing ^_^ i liked it but i dont think i would watch it again....and i think all i liked about it was the bobbing frog and how randomly the other characters came up

It's beat.

It would have been a lot better if you actually had the characters dancing with the beat.

sbboard responds:

Not gonna lie, this bugs me too now that you guys point it out.

Well thanks! Im having nightmares with frogs now!

I liked the idea of the drop turning vectorian stuff into pixels but that's pretty much all there is to it. The retarded frogs could have been fun but no and music well... I guess its a style but it's not for me, I don't see what you can enjoy in this flash.