Reviews for "Frog"

What the effin hell?!

What did I just watched? :(
I didn't actually get it..
Did I miss out?
Was there a joke somewhere?
The hell, it just doesn't make sense.
5 for the animation and effort.

muppets IN SPACE!

elmo. cookie monster, kermit, beaker and some kind of cat thing. are now sprites! yay!
I didnt really care for it. although it was super happy and fun. i liked the music. i never much liked sprite animation, it is quite repetitive. and you can only do so much. keep it up! practice makes perfect.


That was.....Pretty freaking funny. You Smokin when you made that? Very Hilarious!


i don't know what u guys felt but that was not bad, and not good... 5 AND DONT BLAM SPwns. he's just writing what HE is thinking...

there is only 1 frog

i was promissed dancing FROGS in space