Reviews for "Frog"

thats was strangely addicting

it wasnt that great but i couldnt look away. i watched it all the way thru and was bobbing my head by the end. creppy.


hooray NG is gettin back to de basics (pixels and awsome NES music) =D

preety awesome

no comments... super funny

RE: Good Stuff:D

WOW, i don't give a frekin crap what these Crapholes say about this....AWWW the CARTOOON FROGS, are blue and orange o boo hoo. IT"S A FREKIN CARTOON...You know made for laughs...DUR HUR KA DUR:p Neways, loved it man/ girl....both:Slol jk...good stuff tho laugh my gonads off!


was one of the first flash movies i ever saw, back when my family finally upgraded our computer from windows millennium edition to vista, happy times, thanks for the quik brush of remembrance!