Reviews for "Frog"


In the early months of my son's life it was really hard to get him to go to sleep at night. One particularly harrowing night where all he did was fuss I went on NG to see if I could find some calming videos to watch while i rocked him to sleep. This is the first one I came on, and he instantly was enthralled. Now if ever he can't sleep we snuggle together and watch this, There She Is, and You Are All I Need. Thanks for bringing some peace to my and my wife's nights!


This is the greatest animation on Newgrounds.

What can I say

The video is very psychedelic and... just... weird.
But the music rocks! Definitely!
No, seriously, I liked the music.


in my opinion it wasn't that creative. Ive seen too many pixelated movies and games try something more intresting other than a frog that does squats through an entire video. It gets boring try to copy artists such as Royksopp and Gorillaz they have pretty creative ideas