Reviews for "Frog"

I love this.

This Flash is so amazing. I was instantly hooked by the adorable frog sitting innocuously on his lily pad; I saw the pixel ball transform him, and I was ready for a masterpiece.

I enjoyed the different ways the frogs (also possibly the salamander and cat) danced, even though it was was repetitive. I had no problem with that, in fact, I think it helped make it more watchable. I was able to appreciate the cool backgrounds as well.

The choice of music was OUTSTANDING. I adored the song, and it helped keep the animation at a very reasonable pace. The only complaint I have is that, possibly in the interest of file size, the audio was output at a relatively low quality. I only noticed that when I listened the the song by itself, but it was much more crisp there.

cool song

like the song but the graphics could of been better


Not the best animation on here, but certainly not the worst. I like it!


I loooove the little blue guy


awesome ^_^