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Reviews for "FPS Performance Preload 2"


Thats SO cool thanks a lot you make newgrounds a much better place


Nice design/idea ! really impressive!

Maybe u could use the same police for dynamic numbers (fps, cycles....) as for the rest of the flash
And also display the average fps in the end, with dynamics included.
Ah also u could fade in or fade out the expanding circles in the dynamics

Nah u know what? Make an updating average of fps in a liquid bar, with 3 levels fixed on the bar (low, medium, high) sothat the viewer can actually see the progress of his fps, and position his performance inbetween the levels. Liquid start high (average including some fixed high numbers in beginning) and then dropping , converging , then u add dynamics and it drops a lil bit more... to converge in the final number :)

Well just an idea :D

jjwallace responds:

That is a great idea!


A great tribute for the NG community, I'll use it from now on. should I just use it and write your name in the credits or I need a premission from you first?

jjwallace responds:

not tribute is needed, the direct goal was to share it with all.....

Oh I like it still

Even more now! I'll use it in my next animation.


A very nice preloader. Thought it would weigh more than 30kb, but apparently not, so that's a nice surprise.

Very good work.