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Reviews for "FPS Performance Preload 2"

oh man that's awesome!

this is great work dude:D
I will use this in my future game when I get done and will credit you :D
awesome job,

jjwallace responds:

you don't have to credit me but if you want to that would be great....


Such a great idea! I'm surprised, though, that you were actually able to improve upon the first one! :) I see no problems with it, except that I got an "undefined". It's probably just my laptop, but what does that mean exactly?

jjwallace responds:

um?? hmm when did you get the error, at the very beginning cycle?
it might be because the first cycle doesn't calculate the average because it would be division by zero.. i have to wait till the second cycle in order to get the time delay of the frame..


very nice job, and a great idea. thanks for the effort.

Its pretty cool

It's cool but I wouldn't need to know my FPS in flashes lol I can play Crysis On max setting mostly because my computer is amazing. But for people with bad computers like dells lol it it useful for them.

jjwallace responds:

well it is useful for the creator... the thing is anyone can adjust their settings to play a game, but the thing is intros and other graphically rich parts can be disrupted by bad configuration ..... hah yeah it adjusts for slow dells, hhah


Love it ,NICE!!!!!!!!!