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Reviews for "FPS Performance Preload 2"

Great work

For possibly creating a revoloution in flash you get 10/10.

jjwallace responds:

alright, i hope it could come in handy :-)
i am working on the AS3 version so it can work for all...

Great Idea!

Now I know that I can run and make more high quality flash files without lag. Brilliant!

jjwallace responds:

Cool, i hope it is a benefit to the Newgrounds community.

Great loader!

Love the polished graphics, however, if you do wish to post a 3rd, could i make a suggestion. For the AS noobs of us, a couple of true/false variables for things like the calculations being shown or hiden. Lets face it, as pretty as it might look to us, normal gamers are going to go WTF?
5/5 :P

jjwallace responds:

hehe your right... it would be nice to be able to turn stuff on and off and have lots of customization available.. i was thinking making a light version and a version that has everything hidden... i don't think i will upload any more preloaders to the portal though, so it will probably be located on my user page when i decide to make them...

Love it

Now if only I could use it, hope you learn AS3 some day so everybody can use it =/

jjwallace responds:

don't worry i am on it... working on a as3 version..


Such a great idea! I'm surprised, though, that you were actually able to improve upon the first one! :) I see no problems with it, except that I got an "undefined". It's probably just my laptop, but what does that mean exactly?

jjwallace responds:

um?? hmm when did you get the error, at the very beginning cycle?
it might be because the first cycle doesn't calculate the average because it would be division by zero.. i have to wait till the second cycle in order to get the time delay of the frame..