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Reviews for "FPS Performance Preload 2"


A great tribute for the NG community, I'll use it from now on. should I just use it and write your name in the credits or I need a premission from you first?

jjwallace responds:

not tribute is needed, the direct goal was to share it with all.....


I don't think i have ever seen a preloader like this before. Its like a next generation preloader, and i might just use it in my game. How many options does the configuration have?

Again just wow

wow.... im gonna use this from now on XD



I like the second verson of Preloader
much more flashy and amusing, though calculation never fails to continue without stopping.

It's great, but i dunno how i got "undefined" as my setting. I think you might need to fix that.

Speedometer was definately fun to watch since mine was going all over the place. is there a reason for FPS 40 to be there on the speedometer? cause mine seems restricted at 30, and i don't think anybody can ever reach 40.
(just ignore this it's no biggie)

great job! i wish there would be 2 tests: low quality test, and high quality test.
basically one has basic dynamics and one has seriously heavy dynamic. (if you want to, you can add medium quality test)

thanks for listening to my utterly stupid (unless you take it) suggestions.
we should definately make a collection of FPS testers. :D

jjwallace responds:

ohh yeah i know i just fixed it... i was trying to do an update by request and messed it up...

it works fine again

i lost .10 because of that hahaha oh well

well i guess 40 so it can possible go to 40,,, i dont know who will make a flash with 40


quality is set to undefined... :\

jjwallace responds:

i fixed it again... haha i should not change it while its under review..