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Reviews for "FPS Performance Preload 2"

30 FPS!

That was well made...and cool.

what is cool about this is

mother freaking everything!

useful and innovative, that's the name of the game

hey, get your weiner out of my sister!!! even tho we both know she wants you after she saw this

jjwallace responds:


Very Nice

Very interesting concept to have a preloader which autoadjusts the quality, nice work showcasing it as well, and good choice of music, since your benefitting all of Newgrounds.

jjwallace responds:

hey thanks a lot, it was fun making it and distributing to all


Love it ,NICE!!!!!!!!!

Its pretty cool

It's cool but I wouldn't need to know my FPS in flashes lol I can play Crysis On max setting mostly because my computer is amazing. But for people with bad computers like dells lol it it useful for them.

jjwallace responds:

well it is useful for the creator... the thing is anyone can adjust their settings to play a game, but the thing is intros and other graphically rich parts can be disrupted by bad configuration ..... hah yeah it adjusts for slow dells, hhah