Reviews for "Sometimes, y"


I liked it. Shouldnt A be the king of vowels?

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

From what I've experienced, E is the most important letter in the English language


it would be cool if u actually made this movie XD

I laughed a bunch!

I love Pixar and Wall-E So I immediatly laughed a ton! It was a big bonus to have all the japanese symbols attack them and part that Iaughed the most at was you can alpha-bet on it. If anything it needed one more funny scene before that like some sort of crazy yet touching seen of him doing some sort of odd behavior. Like diving off the train he was fighting D on. Or maybe being chased through the cars by D.

Overall I think you did an absolutely great job and as far as you can make good animations this is the top quality.


u can alpha bet on it


Attack of the Kanji Ninja!