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Reviews for "Regular Guy Ep. 1"

not bad

I enjoyed this, Great song choice by the way, I always liked that song. But then again I like most old jazz. Good work on the old timey film effect. drawings could have used a bit more attention but they were by no means bad. Looking forward to Episode 2.


It wasn't boring. I actually would like to see the next episode but there's some major improvement you can do on the animation. Look up some tutorials to make your walking and animations in general smoother. The art style wasn't awful but I would have liked to see some more practice (refine it).
Story: Somewhat unoriginal but you left room for a lot in the next one so not too bad.
Artwork: Was mediocre
Animation: Choppy/Sloppy
Style: Great. Music quality was great, I like the old style film roll too.
Effort: Well put forth and flash viewers appreciate time spent on a flash.
So keep up the good work and get some practice in. Your fourth or fifth flash should start looking amazing.

Nice use od Addams Family track.

To the volt!

Anyhow, good submission. I'm glad to see there are still some people that submit things other than spam. Kudos on your flash.

not bad

im not really sure what happend, but not too horrible

yeah it's shit :D

lol joking, its cool, though i somehow doubt it was you who drew that, because looking at your drawings in the art thread this style is totally different!
sorry lol ;D