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Reviews for "Fly With Me"

This sounds really nice. Everything just runs smoothly together. Its very peaceful and beautiful

Wurfel-Waffles responds:

Thank you for the comment a lot, thatdenosguy!

Nice audio!
This should be added to any flash movie that goes with a scene of reminisce.
Job well done, amigo.

Wurfel-Waffles responds:

Adios amigo! XD

If this were porn, I'd be masturbating to it. Epic job.

Wurfel-Waffles responds:


jk! Glad this porn is good enough for you. =P

No word to describe this masterpiece. I can't believe someone just start out late can archive something this wonderful quickly.

Just astonishingly beautiful piece.

Wurfel-Waffles responds:

Thanks man. Thank to you who trained me for first 2 weeks. The .IT is on my dropbox, check it out.

Thank you!

I could never repay you for this joy that you have restored inside me...

After more then a year of feeling like something was missing, I think I finally understand what that thing is.

Wurfel-Waffles responds:

Thank you for enjoying it also.