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Reviews for "Meal or No Meal (PDG)"

love it

yeah got the million on my second try. great game. lots of fun.

Deal or no Deal

As much as it is a cheap knock off of deal or no deal, its still nice coding and effort :)

Deal or no Deal, with food! Awesome Concept that worked Amazingly! SO addicting!

Wow. Just wow.

Believe it or not, it's actually possible to get more than $1M. You can get as much as $4.8M (yes, you read that right) if you happen to get the following chain of events:

- first 23 cases chosen aren't 750K or 1M
- the lucky case is chosen as the third to last case (1 in 26 chance), and the offer multiplier minigame is activated (1 in 2 chance)
- the player selects the 5x multiplier (1 in 5 chance - the others are 1x (weight: 2), 1.5x, and 2x (both weighted at 1))
The banker will then attempt to offer $880,000, but with the 5x mult this instead becomes $4,400,000 (both of these are Diamond Tacos).

The chance of this happening is (I believe) 2/(26 choose 2) * 1/26 * 1/2 * 1/5 = 1 in 42,250

However, there are many other ways to get above $1M. I would estimate, if you added all these ways together, the total probability would be ~1 in 5,000 - but this strategy requires risky gameplay and has quite possibly never been achieved.

It's much, much easier to get less than nothing though - I've done that a few times myself. I think my personal record is -$22K, but you can theoretically get offers as low as -$90K with bad luck on the +/- minigame.