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Reviews for "Meal or No Meal (PDG)"

It's a nice game

It's a nice attempt and a good pun good game
I kept getting lamb a my choice (3/3 times) really frustrating when I dealt

Deal or no Deal

As much as it is a cheap knock off of deal or no deal, its still nice coding and effort :)


I had the same one I dealt at like... 160k and I got my wonderful platter of 5. The bug isnt 100% fixed, but otherwise fun game.

No Matter what you only get what your platter was

I can't get a high score better than my platter. I got a 5x multiplier and got 1158000 as my deal, but it registered as 750 for my cinnamon bun. If I take a sweet deal like that shouldn't i get that as my high score.

Other than that a good game.

pacdude responds:

That's a weird bug that I thought I fixed. I'll look into it and I'll try and fix it. Thanks for the heads up, though!

EDIT: It seems to be an isolated glitch; someone has a +1,000,000 score on the scoreboard already. I'll keep testing it, but for now, it may have just been bad luck.

love it

yeah got the million on my second try. great game. lots of fun.