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Reviews for "Pollenization"

loved it.

gets addicting. and takes some strategy to get a good score. fun.

MaxManning responds:

Thanks, it does take a little bit of understanding the strategy to really score high.

how could you...

display such pornography? The sexual metaphor supercharged my daughter and caused her to go out whoring for the night!

I for one am writing my congressbeing even as we speak and I encourage all *DECENT* folk to do likewise. OUr congressbeings will not stand for this. Our congressbeing will save us all. Heil congress!

Down with the sexually metaphoric predators!!

I am not enticed!

MaxManning responds:

Do I at least get to keep the 10 ?

Nice game

Well made and a very good timepasser for anybody who wan's to sit back and have some fun, nice work on the graphics and score system, the flight of the bumblebee would be a good song here but your music with it's fast pace matches very well.

MaxManning responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Had trouble finding music for this one!

The Graphics aren't so bad either =]

Hahaha :)

MaxManning responds:

Lets not forget the graphics of course!

Charming Fun Game

An interesting game, simple and fun, but I did find myself waiting for the game to end by the time the board was filled. A nice bit of programming and a fitting theme for it. Kudos.

MaxManning responds:

Thanks for checking it out!