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Reviews for "Pollenization"

Charming Fun Game

An interesting game, simple and fun, but I did find myself waiting for the game to end by the time the board was filled. A nice bit of programming and a fitting theme for it. Kudos.

MaxManning responds:

Thanks for checking it out!


Good game. Very addicting. The bee needs to get those speed power ups faster though. Seems like after a while for every one flower i get rid of, 3 more pop up. Otherwise, very cool game

MaxManning responds:

The yellow flowers are important, using them can clear out alot of space. Pollenate 6 yellow flowers and all the remaining yellow get pollenated.

Nice game

Well made and a very good timepasser for anybody who wan's to sit back and have some fun, nice work on the graphics and score system, the flight of the bumblebee would be a good song here but your music with it's fast pace matches very well.

MaxManning responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Had trouble finding music for this one!