Reviews for "Scriball"

Really Good

Congrats, your game is really good and addictive.
I will play it until the power goes out, or until apes take over the world.

Thanks a lot.


It really is very innovative, I've seen other games involving drawing, but never one where you had to have such perfect timing, cute levels too, and a good but fun challenge, I would recommend this for any skilled gamer, or any who want to become skilled.

I liked it

I like the idea of the line. I didn't really like the levels they were pretty easy. Also The whole click to jump thing, it felt like cheating. But overal: a pretty cool game!

WOw, never played something like this before.

The music is kind of intense for something as this because I find this game pretty relaxing.

However it's pretty innovative and I've been playing for a while now.

Pretty much my only negativity is with the music but that can easily be turned off as well.