Reviews for "Scriball"


Loved it the lines dont stay so it dont get messy and you get to control, it your own way! Absoluty loved it!

Simply . . . . nice!

An awesome proposal for a game I'd really liked it


itzzzz okkkkkkkkkk not bad not bad but meh kinda hard if u hav a laptop

Kept me entertained

-Completed the boss on normal, then got back to find the bouncy ball. It was all the same levels again, but with the orange bouncy ball. Once i got to "Be Curious" I Just gave up altogether.

-Also, i found that the ball sometimes fell through My Line, and that was really irritating, especially on the level where you said "This is what the boss looks like kinda", Where i swooped down, grabbed the top line, and up again, the ball would keep going through my line, and i even started to smooth it out and it still did.


It's pretty funky, but it's great once you get the hang of it.