Reviews for "Scriball"

I tried it once and now I can't stop

It was a lot of fun and really hard on the later stages. After beating it one time through I feel like I can control time and space. I think this game has actually improved my reaction time. Thanks a lot for making this game and I hope you decide to make more like it!

Very Original

I liked it a lot, but there only one problem with the ball when its stands still you cant move it with the line, thought it could be better with this option.


this keeps you very entertained if youre high O.O

great game but i have only one problem

there are times when the ball just goes right through the line. it could be falling straight down and at times itll miss it. this seems to happen at later levels like in the earlly 30s. other than that its a awesome original game


i beat the WHOLE game...even the bonus levels
and i gotta tell ya

it was super fun
and challenging

and i got into the magical bonus world in the extra levels

it was worth it haha
10/10; 5/5