Reviews for "Scriball"


considering im playin with a frickin laptop...it was very hard and i couldnt complete the sad face :( how sad...other than tht great twist on an original game...great music u get 8 smileys:)out of 10:)


Only a 9 because well your boss level is beastly. That one star is off due the fact that the ball glitched through the pen when you would try to stop it with a curve other than that great game, sweet graphics, and good job on the difficulty (anyone that finds this impossibly difficult needs to practice more).

Fun Game.

I would play it again.

Wii Compatible!!!!!

If you download the latest Internet Channel from the wii shop channel you can play this game on your wii!!! because the latest internet has flash lite 3.1!

Oh, and BTW good game!


hey it was hard but i like the idea