Reviews for "Weather Man"

Not my cup of tea.

Animating was alright, syncing/sound wasn't too bad.

Just wasn't my sort of humor. You could have done wonders by not shortcutting some parts of the flash (using the same laugh track and animation) and instead building on each of the insults thrown at the weather dude.

Oh well. Better luck next time.

How is that even funny?

I didn't understand the humor in that at all. How is people insulting someone so that they kill themselves funny? Interesting what passes for humor. The only reason I gave you any points because the animation was nicely done. Next time, try not to make a movie mocking suicide.


What a blatant Dane Cook rip-off.

Voicing was horrible.


I didnt even crack a smile. This flash was just annoying. I felt like I was waiting for the humor the whole time and when it was over, realized there was no humor.

It wasn't funny.

The only part where was funny was when they "combined" laughs.