Reviews for "Weather Man"


Haha, why do people always hate the weather man? That's like hating the anchor because he reported someone you liked got killed or something. He doesn't make the weather.

Good movie, funny.


that was pretty quality comedy, though the animation was pretty choppy. i like the 'that wasnt called for' bit. a good weather man joke that was.

Twas good

It was pretty good, the voices were a little stale so it took a lil away from the "jokes" but for the most part i enjoyed it

Only problem i saw was the ending.
It was really abrupt, like you were going and long and BAM end.
He quit, walked out, and shot himself in the face all in like 3 seconds.

If it was more gradual, and they began to "ease off" on him and tell him they where joking, while he flipped out, it woulda had a better effect.

Just my tit-bit.


haha Bob gets all the blame for the bad wheater :P

This was funny

All though Bob should have gone on a shooting rampadge that would have been more epic!!