Reviews for "Weather Man"

LORD Fat says YES

Way to take the position of a weather man and FUCK his life over, Nice


I absolutely loved the humor and the old familiar cliche of how people get blamed for what they have no control over. The ending was unexpected (I thought he would kill them all instead) but mildly funny.

I do downgrade one star because of some lame sounding throughout. Not that it was bad, but the laughter was almost unnatural and some of the voices were too low. But they were still good. Splendid flash.

Ouch poor guy... :S

Poor guy, the end was a bit disturbin but it's true that some ppl realy make the weather man the bad guy for the weather... :S
BTW well animated and it is funny, just don have to take it seriously. X3

Never trust the weather guy...

Hilarious. Awesome job.


Pretty damn funny