Reviews for "Weather Man"

Props to you

...for releasing this flash during the time everyone else is releasing shape flashes.

The animation for this flash was well animated, your drawings in this flash are on par to many of the worthwhile flashes I have seen on the front page (this of course excludes the shape flashes). The dialogue was also good, and the sound quality was also good.

On a side note, I remember watching a morning news show where the field guy (visits somewhere different everyday) would constantly mess with the weather guy, but not as overtly as this. After about 5 months of this he was eventually fired and replaced by his camera-man.

I bored of shapes

Finally, nice to see some quality flash, compare to all these thrown together crap shape flashes lately, really funny and great animation,

Funny as hell

And very original too, The facial expressions were great and the voicework too. Not to mention you have a great cartooning style. keep up he good work bro, I'm gonna go check out your other flashes.


awesome, funny! well synced and great ending!

dude that is.....

the most f**king hilarios thing i have seen in a while props and congratz...