Reviews for "Weather Man"

Pretty good

The only thing that I didn't like was the suicide at the end. I don't find that kind of stuff funny. There are a few other was I feel you could've gone that would've still led to the same "test screen" ending.


I loved it.
It deserves to be on front page, it's nicely animated, it's funny, and the VO is crisp and well done.
I scored it down just because of the ending, but the line after almost makes up for it.
Good job, keep 'em coming.


try this new brand "dog shit coffe" LOL
look what you did bob!!!... Epic...

Not bad

well it is very funny, but how they laughed was pretty weird

Great up until the ending

I thought that was really awesome. I especially like the single frame laughing poses.

Only thing is having the weather man kill himself at the end seemed to over do it