Reviews for "Weather Man"


Good funny stuff w/ pretty nice artwork.

A most DEFINTE 10

"Whats uncalled for is all this fuckin rain, man!" hahaha that is some funny ass shit!!

Keep up the amazing work!

Greg Giraldo anyone?

The flash itself was pretty good, but this is part of Greg Giraldos standup routine, just not as long and without the suicide...


so funny when the guy says oh man look what you did and verybody was laughing ROFL

How to make the weather funny

1. Make a flash
2. Give it comic book graphics
3. Add in some painfully bad jokes
4. Give the butt of the joke a slightly restrained and cagey attitude
5. Make the punchline joke worse than painful

And you my friend have a hilarious Newgrounds font pager, of which I rate a complete 9, which is a whole 9/10ths of a 10! Yay.