Reviews for "Weather Man"

hahaha, that was great.

i thought at the end they would say "and now sports..." or something XP


That was excellent. It confuses me that this could get anything less than a 9.
Good timing, excellent voices, great animation, good dialogue, neat music, original idea. This was a good little flick, I even lol'd when they pushed it to the coffee joke.
Frankly I woulda preferred to see him go postal on their asses and actually call down lightning or something, but hey, if I want it that bad, I oughta learn to animate it myself.


bob......fucking bob.
was alright but something was missing......and end was over the top.

need more

wasant that funny, and u need more work on animating and some more on graphs =)

LORD Fat says YES

Way to take the position of a weather man and FUCK his life over, Nice