Reviews for "Weather Man"


I'm sorry, but i didn't really find this funny atall, the 'humor' is VERY predictable which, for me, ruins it completly. also the fact they are blaming the weather man for the weather just shows they are people of under-par intelligence. The only reason i can see people finding this funny is the swearing, and thats becuase the majority of newgrounds users are kids who find it hilarious : "LOLO HE R SAID THE F WORD *pisses self*" ect ect.

You get a 5 purely for the animation and effort.

look what you just did, man...

haha. that was excellent. loved the snow part. the end was a bit disturbing, but great animation, man...BOB.


that was funny ^_^ good job


That was really funny. The snow part almost kicked me out of my college library.

Ouch poor guy... :S

Poor guy, the end was a bit disturbin but it's true that some ppl realy make the weather man the bad guy for the weather... :S
BTW well animated and it is funny, just don have to take it seriously. X3