Reviews for "Weather Man"


lol look what u did that was funny

quick question

was the "de da dee" carlos mencia reference suppose to be funny or degrading the already pathetic and generalized comedy that is carlos?

stakato responds:

The news anchors were making fun of Bob on a childish level and that's something kids say when they are trying to make fun of someone for being stupid. The "De da dee" was just to show how childish those two were being. It isn't really a commentary on Carlos one way or another; I don't know much about the guy.

aww man

I wanted bob to go on a killing spree and shoot everyone there.
But still just as hilarious

good can use improvement.

a little more animation would be better, only the "bob" character had most movement. the lip for the characters seem all the same and either you used the mouth for each character or something, because when bob killed himself and where facing straight. the mouth looked crooked .

hope that made sense


Haha, why do people always hate the weather man? That's like hating the anchor because he reported someone you liked got killed or something. He doesn't make the weather.

Good movie, funny.