Reviews for "Stamper N' Johnny"


best shape flash ever, man) respect) I wonder why the genre is spam - maybe cuz you tell the truth?

Loved the anti-shape perspective.

I guess the brains of the operation are running out of ideas for competition, so....shapes? Come on, there has to be something better than that. Heck, I'd go with this trend more. I mean, find a users avatar and throw it into a movie. See who comes up with the best one.

Genius, I say. Pure genius.

Nice job with your version though. It was pretty funny and even better when the head fit in his arm like that.

Hahaha... Nice switch up.

What I mean't by switch up was instead of using shapes like the others did, you used famous NG people. That was quite genius of you Steve. The face reactions of Stamper were priceless, especially when he was crying about not getting the 5 so Utah had to cheer him up. The ending was expected because they were hugging way too long and the dirty talking was happening. I really liked the comedy and entertainment this flash had too offer. More could of been added but this was a parody. Nice going Steve! :D

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lol woww

haha no homo right?


why is this below a 4?

I guess Stamper get his cock sucked too, doesnt he?