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Reviews for "Circle n' Pentagon"


I loled when circle was all like "It's because I havce a large radius, isn't it" to pentagon, and then at the end they were all like "BITTMMAAPP" Comedic genius, my friend.

Comedy Genius

This is even better than the rest, and definitely deserves front page.

It's cause I'm fat! ain't it!

You're nothing but a bit-map~!
best line ever! XD


I lowered your score a little for simply copying a new "fad", but I still liked the humor. The flash seemed a little long without any flashy graphics to keep you interested and the speech was at time hard to be heard. Also the jumping to indicate speech was a little wonky, While it did show which characters were talking, it would have been better if each jump wasn't at the same speed. At times I was distracted by the slightly unsynced jumps between the circle and pentagon.


please would somebody make something original???

7 because this one was actually funny, gewd job!