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Reviews for "TT: Ace Attorney"


I'm a big fan of the Phoenix Wright series and I've seen a lot of flash parodies but NEVER a fan made PW game. That's awesome! Your story is just as compelling (especially given that the crime is taking cookies from the cookie jar!) as the real game and I really felt you captured the essence of the game. There were witty retorts, sweatdrop moments, and lots of great Objection!'s floating around. Kudos to the story writer!

Of course there were a few things that I'll hope you'll fix for the next case. One of them is the sound. Since this game requires you to do quite a bit of sitting on your ass and thinking, the music is really important. I love how you used all the OSTs and official sounds but it sounds really bad when the music loops. Since you could be on one part for awhile, hearing the music constantly not match up when it loops is kind of annoying.

Your humour is awesome though and even the random Aubergines!! insert worked, I laughed so much at that (aubergines are vegetables btw, not fruits). However, the John Shaft insertion felt out of place =\.

One thing I found (that you can probably easily change) is that in the clown's testimony (I forgot the name you gave him) you spelled Bucher McGinty w/o the space inbetween the two names. Usually it doesn't matter but it made me present evidence at that point since I thought it might be an imposter (since a space would cause two user names to be completely different).

Sadly I haven't finished the game yet - I got stuck T_T - but from what I've seen this is completely awesome. I suppose the coding itself might not be too bad but I'm impressed how well you captured the feeling of the game. Good job!

I'm now your fan ;).

TheAlchemistPenguin responds:

Thanks for the comments, Anmery!

I'm sorry for missing out on that text bit, but there is a lot of text and it's really easy to miss out a space mistake like that. :(

You'll be glad to know that the music in Case 2 is perfectly looped, and you could listen to it for hours without hearing anything strange. I might update this case with better music soon, but it won't be a problem in any of my future cases, so keep an eye out for them!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!


I'm a huge fan of the Ace Attorney series, so that was great.

Love the internet humor, especially the judge *SMACK* "I'm hungry!"

TheAlchemistPenguin responds:

Thank you for the nice compliments!


that was...

TheAlchemistPenguin responds:

It's not for everyone, sorry to disappoint.

Brilliantly Authentic!

I wasn't expecting much from this to be honest (I was half-expecting it to be some boring fan-fiction drivel with clickable buttons).

But this is fantastic! A proper authentic feeling Ace Attorney game, you'd be forgiven for forgetting you weren't using a DS!
I loved every moment of it and eagerly await the 2nd case.

As a final comment, I'm glad this didn't feel like the fan-fiction drivel I imagined earlier.. if you're having the same doubts, DON'T! Try it, it's amazing.

Fantastic game

This game needs to be played by all fans of the AA games, it's a real masterpiece. Best of luck on the second one, too.