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Reviews for "TT: Ace Attorney"


I have all 3 PW games on my DS, and Apollo Justice too. I've played through each case three time and my favorite ones five times each. Needless to say I love the series. This case was also rly well and could go into the game and fit right in. Job well done!

TheAlchemistPenguin responds:

Good to see another Ace Attorney fan around here! Glad you enjoyed the game.

its like the game of tetris, always twist and turn

i can't believe i solved that case and then they arrest the guy who
i was defending(makes me feel alil betrayed).it got hard
but i did it wait i can't tell everything in this review
it will spoil the ending.
Can't wait till the next

TheAlchemistPenguin responds:

Everyone loves a Tetris reference! Look out for the next case if you want to find out what happens next!

Great Game, one problem...unfortunately

I love this game, so addicting. but it seems I've come really close to beating it but it keeps resetting for no reason. I don't hit enter and it brings up the save screen when I present evidence to Fishfingers during the 3rd testimony he gives. Then when I click no, it goes to the 2nd testimony for some odd reason, it is a really annoying glitch.

Other than that, great game, and awesome humor...AUBERGINES!!!

TheAlchemistPenguin responds:

Sorry to hear about your glitch! I'll fix that up ASAP!

Glad you enjoyed it!


this was an amazingly well done simulation of a court case. I should no because my dad is also a defense attorney. one thing you should know is that unless all evidence is provided on the spot the moment the defense attorney is informed and available, the prosecution cannot be considered a reliable case. this mean that if the prosecution says something the defense doesn't know about, that case is not officially true. Withholding evidence is illegal in the court and any questions must be answered to the best of the court's or the witnesses knowledge. please try to impliment this in future versions of this game.

TheAlchemistPenguin responds:

The gameplay is based upon the Ace Attorney series, and not official courtroom laws. The official series takes some liberties with real life laws to make the game more enjoyable, like constantly lying witnesses and witholding evidence etc...

I'll be sticking to the fantasy rules of the AA series as it's much more fun to write, but I'm glad you still enjoyed the game!


On the loading screen you can click where the continue button supposed to be, and if you click over and over again the button starts to appear and eventually you go to the main menu and if you click on any button it goes black.

TheAlchemistPenguin responds:

Thank you for pointing that out!

I'll fix that straight away.