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Reviews for "TT: Ace Attorney"

Episode 2 is up!!

hey dude the second episode is up why dont you upload here???? BTW what you've is great... You actually used the original images from the AA series so it is very faithful to the franchise. I love the Tetris soundtrack

Amazing game!!

this game is fantastic, its almost like a real PW game.

TheAlchemistPenguin responds:

Thank you!


This is probably one of the best games on Newgrounds, in my opinion.

The gameplay really does feel like Phoenix Wright. Pressing people, objecting to contradictions, all that jazz. It does, however, misses other features such as investigating. Bummer.

The music and graphics are both from the Phoenix Wright series, which is rather simple. Not to say those aren't good. However, you are missing a few things such as shaking, fade-ins and fade-outs, and the sound-effects sometimes feel out of place.

One thing I noticed through, was that you posted a topic about it on Court Records in October, yet you submit it here NOW. You should have registered earlier, dammit. >:(

TheAlchemistPenguin responds:

You'll be glad to know that the smaller details I missed out on in this case were a top priority when it came to the next one, so they'll all be in there!

Glad you enjoyed it, and I'll make sure to get the second case up here a lot sooner!

Very good

Funny Jokes, great story (except for the cookie law) and as a Robot Chicken character might say... "WHAT A TWIST!" lol at the end... i was really stumped how to get through clowns 2nd and 3rd testimony but after luck of making as many penalties as i can (probably glitch) I was able to finish it ever since the guy Codec-ed me... i actually took screen shots of all of the lists (log and ban) so i don't have to move around so much... you may want to put rules against tabbing because that's what got me though my picture questions... The judge is more like a kid in heart... and brain...


i like it but...

i can't seem to past the cllown first testimony