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Reviews for "TT: Ace Attorney"


It's so accurate to the presentation of the games, that it's scary. Surprisingly enough, it has nothing to do with murder, like all of the cases in the game do.

It's a lost of fun, and has a lot of great jokes, and the challenge is fair. I'm stuck at the part, where I need to prove that the picture was taken the day of the robbery. Where do I click?

Awesome :[]

this almost the same as a phoenix wright game but on the computer,i love it well done :] ~ rating 10

Great game...

It's like I was playing PW on my computer but you missed the inviestigation part

can't wait for the second part XD

Great, but....

I don't have any idea what the hell to do at the 13th checkpoint. I've presented every possible thing and I'm not making any progress at all. I'm almost convinced there's a glitch here. Yes, I even presented stuff from the EVIDENCE section, not just the profiles.

Also, I know the game is clearly humerous, but the Shaft thing was a bit much. Still, an A for writing, just not an A plus.

But really, help me out here, or at least convince me I'm not getting a bug. Could you send me a mini-walkthough please?

Really Awesome!

Was Really awesome man i can't wait for the second case (i'm a bad lawyer, protype was arrested xDDDDD)