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Reviews for "TT: Ace Attorney"


Just not as fun. And what the crap is frickin' going on here? I mean, what the CRAP is wrong with Ashton? The computer thing theme just kinda sucks. I just can't say this is a good game.


when is the next case coming out?


man i love this game

I so lol'd!

Go into the court record, profiles, and look at Ashton Raze's age!!! XD!!!!

A fantastic replica.

If I were to base this solely on gameplay, you without a doubt would receive a perfect score. The entertainment factor of these games are insane, so incredibly addictive. Unfortunately, there were so many bugs it made the game seem unplayable. I eventually beat the game (great cliffhanger by the way, though it's odd that an act of stealing cookies leads to a murder, haha), but going through so many trials makes the player frustrated. For example, sometimes when I said Fishfingers had the stronger motive, it would occasionally say I'm right and other times say I'm wrong.

Another bug was that the save feature never was up to speed, as it often sends me back two or three more chapters. And it never worked in the last few chapters, plus it never gave you back full health like you promised unless you had full health in the chapter. It made the game unbearable for a few chapters, but you really turned it around with the Metal Gear Solid reference and Shaft bit. The Tetris but was also pretty creative.

It was cool how you renamed all of the regular characters. One thing I would recommend is making the footprint on the accidental photo two more visible, or you could disable the tab key because that's how I found it. Besides that, I thought all of the evidence made sense and I like how one theory led to another. The Judge liking the photo of Lewis D was also funny. Overall, a great replica of the Phoenix Wright games, I'm looking forward to the sequel. Keep up the great work!