Reviews for "TT: Ace Attorney"

amazing game! challenging yet hilarious! nice tetris refrence and portal references at the end

I first saw this and I have to admit I felt like I was playing a real Phoenix Wright game. It's amazing. Granted there is a massive amount of randomness, even some you might not expect to appear in the games, but it is still awesome all the same.

Unfortunately I am stuck on the part where you have to point out how Mixmaster hid inside the mall, and for some reason I cannot beat it. I have put out everything both evidence and profiles and nothing works. Will someone PLEASE help me!?

Anyway, solid as it should be. Excellent work and I can't wait to see more! I'm even going to take a crack at it myself! Thanks for the address to the source site too! I wish you the best!

Yugijak out

me to i found a lot but a good game

a lot of bugs

i found a lot of bugs of your game....


Just not as fun. And what the crap is frickin' going on here? I mean, what the CRAP is wrong with Ashton? The computer thing theme just kinda sucks. I just can't say this is a good game.