Reviews for "TT: Ace Attorney"

Pretty much the AA series in our mind lol
Loved the fact that I have to hold off myself from shouting retorts
Looking forward for the next one :D

This is a great Ace Attorney parody game! It feels like an actual one!
But... there is no walkthrough? Then it's my job to make one! MISSION START! (oh wait, wrong franchise)
TIP 1: Save before each cross examination
TIP 2: If you lose health, refresh the newgrounds page before reloading to regain health
TIP 3: If you get stuck on the pictures, TAB button is your friend.
TIP 4: Be sure to have food with you while you play this because– it'll make you hungry for MORE! Also it's a case about cookie jars, and food is mentioned a lot. That too.
Side game: Eat something every time hunger, someone's stomach, a meal time, or food is mentioned.
Prologue: Someone swears revenge then shouts "DIE". Pretty typical for these types of games.
Chapter 1-4, 6-7, 9, 11: Text and gaining profiles/items. Can't skip through it, but might contain important information that isn't in cross examinations.
Chapter 5: first cross examination. Present glove 5th statement.
Chapter 8: Present User Log when he says proto was the only other person during the last statement.
Chapter 10: Press on 4th statement about flash, have the testimony amended, then present camera on amended statement
Chapter 12: Picture examining time! Click any of the red or orange lights on the ceiling in the first picture.
Chapter 13: Answer both of Raze questions by presenting the new profile, AKA Shaft. Then reply no to having a motive, but when you say you know someone who knows, present Fishfingers profile.
At this point, penalty for wrong moves will double.
Chapter 14: Press on the "others" comment, press for more info. If you press any other comment you will be penalized, but you don't need to. Present User Log to amended statement.
Chapter 15: Say can't prove motive. Phone rings to cut you off from saying you aren't a real attorney, lucky for you, huh? Double lucky because they GIVE you a motive via the IP address.
Chapter 16: Judge and, reluctantly, Raze accept the info as legitimate, even if it's not LEGAL. However, in return, any wrong move here on out will result in automatic GAME OVER, even at full health. Present Ban List. Present second photo, then click on footprint on locker, or the locker above the footprint. Present random piece of evidence to Proto.
Credits and Epilogue- The End is a Lie: Just text, no gameplay, so find you yourself ;P Leads right into the sequel... if it was made... it's not on newgrounds at least.

both great and hard! i love it!

while i appreciate the DS interface and the graphics, there is way too much text to scroll through

Excellent game!

I have all of the PW: AA games (spin-offs included) and this is a perfect copy! AWESOME!!

But I need help with Fishfingers' first testimony! I can't find a flaw! Please help!