Reviews for "Ytown Public 6"


Dude, I love your work, and I'm really saddened to see YTown come to an end. I guess eveyone will have to wait to see what kind of crazy flash you'll concoct next(that is, if you keep animating. Crossing my fingers here!!). By the way, there's a cool ride in an amusement park in my city called the Hellevator! Hmmm!
Every episode of YTP was a piece of art. You know, the animated, trivia-playing, GOOD kind. That book is going to come after me for my bad jokes, isn't it? Anyways, I beat the trivia game even though it took me a few tries, and thought the prize was totally hilarious. Love it!

McRhyme responds:

Thank you so much!

Really there is a Hellevator?! Haha, I guess I can't come up with anything new :)

The drawing was pretty...but

and the but would be the fact that it was a might boring to me. Everyone likes boring I guess. I shall never win.

McRhyme responds:

Check out my store!


Haha! There are some really cool designs!

I beat the trivia

Yup about 4 days ago, quite funny! Also, I had to get offline when it was all loaded! Damn, this is very good though!

McRhyme responds:

Thank you - Thanks a lot...

O'm finally reviewing it.

Whilst this didn't really make me laugh that much watching it today, it was probably the 4th time or something I'd seen it. And, despite that, I still smiled, which - as you say - is also a good feeling.

Let's get my 1 negative comment out of the way. The voices quite often don't match up at all to the lips. Apart from that, it's all great.

On the subject of voices, I've got to commend everyone involved. Fourchinnigan is specially great and everyone else bar the green elephant deserves a pat on the back.

The whole thing reeks of quality (as you cheekily point out) - not just the animation itself, but the quiz and comic really add to the overall package.

(By the way, I honestly thought that the way the comic was done was really inspired and slick. I specially liked the panel which shook around.)

I've taken care not to reveal anything to people reading this review who haven't already seen the Flash, but if I was allowed, there would be so many little things I'd point out, make an example of and say "Yes, this is good, this is fun, this made me laugh."

Which brings us to another point. For something which is 8 minutes lsong, this possibly has more laughs-per-minute than any film or sit-com I've ever seen. Obviously, humour is a totally subjective thing, but the fact that this possibly surpasses proffessional works is incredible.

The plot is rather... mad.

You throw in lots of pointless extras which only serve to amuse and ultimately, that's what this is all about. You don't try to deviate from thise core purpose. You don't try to throw in an epic plot or anything else that would ultimately ruin the work rather than add to it.

Truly, this is a rollercoaster of a ride, and I'd reccommend it to everyone.

McRhyme responds:

I had not forgotten about you saying that you should review this movie. I'm very pleased to see that you gave it a 10! I'd really like to hear what "jokes" you managed to find funny this time. I know that you understood that the viking and Barabara were in the 7:th heaven in episode 5. That was clever.

Wooohooo!!! Surpassing professional work with more jokes per minute - That's a really nice comment! I try to thow in as much funny stuff that I ever can come up with. The opening scene (with Fred falling to the ground and talking to the goat) was the last scene I made. I didn't even think of it before the rest was done and I thought the beginning was to bad. You know, the opening scene doesn't really add anything to the story - Part from bringing all the characters in Heaven together. Things like the flies being smacked on Newton's nose is also a very late add. You know after working on the movie for so long you feel that every second has to be funny. No transport times, just action to joke to action!

I deleted the whole first Bear Vs Newton Scene and remade it. I cut of one minute. It was too slow.

Now that all six episodes are done I (and you) can look back on the series and see how "mad" the entire story turned out to be.

By the way BEZ, I'm wokring on a storyboard for a new series called "YTOoN SPaCE". But it's gonna be a year aleast before anything is done. And when it is, then I'm probaly going to try and sell it.


You have been ignoring me

His shadowy figure looms over the dead universe of Ytoon Public, standing on the corpse of his fallen body and shattered system of cameras...
As the wind blows he lowers his sunglasses and glares through the computer screen and says in a cold voice,"You have been ignoring me...Marcus..." with a cold expression on his face.
Briefly a smirk crosses his face and he turns to leave with a weird hopping thing following him, it is the robo-marcus's foot.
As he vanishes from view over the dead world it is heard,"I will not be ignored."
Soon the sky is filled with dark looming objects generating flashes, they are the new and improved camera spheres and they in detail take images not meant to ever be seen.
And so it spreads across the dead universe his laughter...,"Mwahahahahahaha...ha......ha....is that..."
It ends quickly as a dead newton falls from nothingness and crushes his spine.

McRhyme responds:

Oh, you got me laughing so hard. That was funny. What can I say?!

I'm almost finished with 'Detective Frofrog 2 - Chief Leaf and his little chick'. I hope you see it and "review" it when it comes out (say in three weeks).

Thank you!