Reviews for "Ytown Public 6"

***Awesome movie, Marcus...

Wicked a** movie, it rocks muchness-ness...thanx...oh and i beat the trivia, i got stck on the color of the shoes once, but i beat it...lol...i like the comic, of course...

McRhyme responds:

The shoe question is a tricky one! The rest is easy! Haha!

cute stuff ..

Ok well I can say that I love the look of your flash. Graphics are pleasing. But I found myself cringing at moments when the characters spoke. Part of it was the sound of the voices, part of it was the dialogue. I think you have that dorky retard humor going on, which usually just makes me mad or be like "hmm", or something like it. But I think you're great at flash! sveet-ass. ha ha.. not

McRhyme responds:

Thanks... I guess.

(my humour is not retarded)

Well I lie alot...

...but I *think* I'm telling the truth when I say I like this.The viking fellow was hilarious.You shoulda made him speak swedish or at least with a swedish accent.And the elephant,oh God hahaa...when I saw the yellow thing enter the hellevator I began to roll on the floor,laughing my furry ass off!I think this is better than your new project(Detective Monmongoose...or was it Chikchicken?)...at least for now that is.Not bad not bad...the plotline kinda sucks though.Seems you make it up as you go.Correct?

McRhyme responds:

It's cool you mention the viking. The reason he doesn't speak Swedish is that the actor only so happens to be a guest-viewer-voice by FOURCHINNIGAN (the creator of Miracle Explosion) and he is from Los Angeles. I and I think it is bloody cool that he did that voice for me. That is bloody cool. I love Miracle Explosion (if you haven't seen it, do it now).

lubed it :)

hi..great movie! i like the fact that you composed your own music! thats kool. nehow, you stated "This is the FINAL EPISODE for now!" meaning you will be working on more! right?! :) so wen will the next episode come out??

McRhyme responds:

Yeah, making music for movies is fun. For my next project, DETECTIVE FROFROG, I'm going to use an organ too. Will be perfect.

Hey Man

I went through the whole series. I laughed alot. I cried alot. But it was cool. I thank you for putting the Chords down for the Sing along. Now I can practice it! I would be happy to help in any of your other projects by voice acting or you might want me to play guitar. Im not that good but I can play something easy. Holy shit this is a review not a job application! It was a great series And I enjoyed it. You get a 5!

by the way my email is disturbed406@yahoo.com if you wanna use me on a project. Teehee!

McRhyme responds:

Good job, watching it all! Do practice that BrainCellian song! It's a pretty catchy thing! I had so much fun making the songs for Ytown Public, especially the Rock Opera.