Reviews for "Ytown Public 6"


i finished the trivia agian... damn im awsome... the book must DIE how dare he insult ytown public...grrrrrrrrrDIE...(sniffle)...poor bear..lol dumb newton lol

McRhyme responds:

Awsomeness... haha!

I seen it and you wanna know what'd make it better

If it was modified as a DBZ parody

McRhyme responds:

I'll think about it...

... no.


You have been ignoring me

His shadowy figure looms over the dead universe of Ytoon Public, standing on the corpse of his fallen body and shattered system of cameras...
As the wind blows he lowers his sunglasses and glares through the computer screen and says in a cold voice,"You have been ignoring me...Marcus..." with a cold expression on his face.
Briefly a smirk crosses his face and he turns to leave with a weird hopping thing following him, it is the robo-marcus's foot.
As he vanishes from view over the dead world it is heard,"I will not be ignored."
Soon the sky is filled with dark looming objects generating flashes, they are the new and improved camera spheres and they in detail take images not meant to ever be seen.
And so it spreads across the dead universe his laughter...,"Mwahahahahahaha...ha......ha....is that..."
It ends quickly as a dead newton falls from nothingness and crushes his spine.

McRhyme responds:

Oh, you got me laughing so hard. That was funny. What can I say?!

I'm almost finished with 'Detective Frofrog 2 - Chief Leaf and his little chick'. I hope you see it and "review" it when it comes out (say in three weeks).

Thank you!

really good series

among many series at newgrounds i think this one is one of the "higher shelf" series, the graphics could be a bit better(hey after all noone's a rembrand in animations)all the episodes and the pre-loader games were really fun to see and play. i'sd be great to see more of what you sir can cook up

McRhyme responds:

Thank you, it's so nice to see that some people still discover Ytown Public and like it. I put half a year of hard work into it and I still like to watch it sometimes.

If you want to see some of my newer stuff check out 'Detective Frofrog' and tell me what you think. The sequal will be out in about a month!

great series

man finaly i finished all the ytown public series. they were all soooo awsome but my favorite was the first one(rock opera). but my favorite animation iv seen by u is detective frofrog.

McRhyme responds:

Yes! Another hard core fan who has seen all the episodes. I love you!