Reviews for "Ytown Public 6"

bwahahahaha that was so funny...hehehe

yup that was really funny...its just too bad u cant make ne more for a while..but hey it was a good ending...somewhat it left you hanging tho...in a way...hehe...lol that book was funny too...YOU CALL THAT A JOKE? THAT WAS JUST STUPID! yea and the comic for the trivia was...um interesting..hehehe im hoping to see more in the..um far future...yea good work it was a good ending to the story

McRhyme responds:

Cool thing you liked it! The book is surreal (that word means that he is... eh... cool)! Yes, I had to keep some lose end so I can make more ;)

I beat it but it was pretty easy...

I never even looked at the charactor stats. Ah well it was pretty good.

McRhyme responds:

Hey! It's not the TRIVA being easy - It's you being good! Clever! Haha! Great work! The character stats wouldn't have helped :)

Wow, it's...over.

No more YTown Public for six months? =0
I'm not sure I can survive that long!!
Seriously though, I can understand you need a break. We all get overworked. I just hope you'll come back with another season in the fall. YTP is too funny to be so shortlived.
BTW, who's voice is that on the YTown Public Sing-along? Is that you, Marcus?

McRhyme responds:

Yeah, I'm leaving Sweden. When I come back I'll start at a Univerity. Physics and maths - I'll do loads of homework, and hopefully some Flash on my spare time! I do need a break -I have made 7 episodes in less than 5 months.

Yes, it's me singing. Haha! I do the voices for Fred, Bear, Evil Principal, Brain Cell and some other smaller and random parts like the Book. Singing is fun. I play the music too, but you already knew that :)


Your series is the only thing i worship! It totally rules! I love the graphics...love the stupid humor :P...its just so great....i hope this series never ends.... (by the way, love the singing brain cell)

McRhyme responds:

Wow! I have a FAN! Hurrah! Now lets see if you really are a true fan and come back to to be YP#7 when it comes an eternity from now! Hahahaha! Thanks for the flattering review!

O_O no! it cant be over

>_< WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! nice finale. but but i want more! :'(

McRhyme responds:

Thanks! Haha! You'd better check out YP#4 again - It has been updated!

Thanks again! A Clock character made a voice this time!