Reviews for "Ytown Public 6"

ok, so the rating's don't make sense...

eek! you're not allowed to stop the series!! just enough episodes to get your viewers hooked and not enough to feed their new addictions.. you cruel, cruel man :P and the prize for the trivia was sad!! i feel bad for the poor lil bugger :( anywho, keep it up.. you're series has a strange *thing* (yes, that is most definitely the technical term) that made me watch all six episodes in two sittings (would've been one, but i had to go to work.. need money to feed my other addictions?). Anywho, i most definitely need to stop writing before i use another set of parentheses (speaking of which, have you read Mark Twain's The Awful German Language, it's a funny piece) oh dear... i REALLY need to go. Regardless of the lack of sleep that caused the majority of this message, this series really DOES rock.

McRhyme responds:

I'm sorry but I need a break, I have made more than one episode à month so far! When I get back from Engalnd (6 months from now) I hope I will find time to make some more. I have a really cool idea about what should happen next :)

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It's coool!

sing along with a poor little monkey...

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... there once was a silly monkey who was not impressed at all. The first one blew, the second one sucked, the 3rd one wasn't that bad at all. the 4th one kicked, the 5th one was fine but he wasn't impressed until, the silly little monkey found out that 6th was the shit: THE SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTT!!! " Ok so i'm no lyricist. But that kicked man. Ya almost had a great skript there. But since it's the "final" i'm gonna hook ya up with a 5. Oh i beat the triva BTW. Intresting prize... well that's all. You should make a new plot this time if your gonna continue with the series(which you should). Like make the principle come back from hell as a demon or sumtin, trying to seek revenge on Newton for blasting him. Well that's all you did a great job and i look foward for yer next movie.

McRhyme responds:

Great lyrics :)

You thought the Rock Opera blew? Isn't that like suck?! Haha... damn.

I think I worked too hard on the 3D in the 5:th epsiode, I should have added more jokes or something.


If I make a YP#7 the plot will be SOOO DAAAMN COOOOOL! I've got it all figured out. Hahaha! I have to make that episode, it will be so cool. So stupid. Haha!

I think the PRIZE is strange.. but clever :)

this show was really good

i did the triva and everything but i got to like question 12 or 13 and i tryed all3 answers but none of them worked so i just right clicked and pressed foward and i got to read the book thing at the end that was funny.good idea putting something to do when you wait for it to load

McRhyme responds:

Thanks! Yeah, you can cheat all you want - I deliberately made it so you could cheat :) It's true, I really did think about that. I figured that it was best that cheating people got to see what was there... haha. Or I could have printed "CHEATER!" with bold letter on the screen when you tried to cheat. Haha!

Wow that kicked ass.

That was really good the plot was pretty fucked up but it was still good.

I gotta say though I was dissapointed that the viking,the elephant, and the bear/newton never came into the action at the end.

I was thinking they had to be there for a reason but then again I am a dumbass.

You should have had the viking running around raping and pillaging in a defensless community (like one of those colonies for old people in florida)

McRhyme responds:

The plot is classic YP-style! This means that it is not predictable, but easy to follow! Haha!

I know I could have used the Viking more - But I really just had him as a pop up character in this episode - His real part was in #5.

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I liked it!

one question though, in the end Newten wasnt still half bear, why?

McRhyme responds:

Well, allow me to explain:

Newton was cloned in #3. In this episode the Bear ate Newton (he killed him). That is why one Newton (the original) is in Heaven.

The clones (called Evil Aline Newton Clones) who were killed in #3 (or anyother episode) are not in Heaven, they obviously go to an alien after life - as they are not human.

So who is the Newton in the space ship that is eaten by the bear in this epsiode? It is (like the pointer says) "the Last Evil Alien Clone" - Obvioulsy the Bear didn't finish off all Newton-Clones.

The Bear smells the Clone and enters the ship and eats him. But before the Clone in swallowed the Bear activates the Teleporter and WAAAM! They merge and for a mutant - "Newton-Bear".

Please note that the mutation is made of the Bear and AN EVIL ALIEN NEWTON CLONE.

The real Newton is still in Heaven at this point, but he manages to get back to Earth with the Hellevator and now all pupils are back to life!

Great story!