Reviews for "Tall 'n Short"


I loved the voicework, it was really funny! But there was just nothing else. So I met in the middle.

I cried

And I'm man enough to admit it.


you get a 10 b/c i just watched this 10 times in row it was so funny i think im gettin a six pack from laughing so hard
i cant think of anythign that would make this movie any better
keep up the good work

I like it

Faces would be nice but its still great


Very good flash, a lot of people today only want to see the spectacular stuff. According to them, EVERY flash must have gone through at least five weeks of Photoshop, another three of frame-by-frame animation and, of course, can't have a storyline and must be full of useless violence (with it's respective blood-effects). This really shows the simple stuff, you can't be a dumb sh*t to understand this, it requires your IMAGINATION. You have to make up for yourself who's Red (the red rectangle, as I've named him) and who's Blue, you have to make up for yourself how they look and what they do. While I see Red as a mid-forties successful businessman in an expensive suit, the other might see him more like a high school soccer player, or anything else. Obviously, one shouldn't really focus on this art, as it remains something special, something that's made only once in a while and should be seen as a valuable rarity.

P.S.: I'm not against useless violence without a story, but I'm disgusted by people who give flashes like this one here plain zeros because they're too stupid to understand their real value.