Reviews for "Getaway"


Slow? Check. Dark? Check. Epic? Triple Check. Need I say more? Your music is awesome, it always is, there is not one song i have not heard by you that isn't, i just love your work man, it always surprises me.

Epic =O

A New Type of Getaway (Somewhere in Nevada)
Though it may just be chesyre's name on the oackage, but I took an instant liking to this initally easy-going track until the multiple 600 BPM tracks kicked in to fuel this slick, stealth-actiony track. It goes from creating an atmosphere in your head into droppng you directly into it as soon as it speeds up.

And in honesty, I wouldn't mind in the least if this track, which is featured every 4th or 5th (Can't remember which) wave in Project Nexus, would have been used elsewhere. In fact, a slick incident to feature this track would make me just as happy, since we all want more animations plus this juicy new Madness Interactive reboot.

All in all, the track is strong, well-versed, fast and just plain pulse-pounding. But, I go far on par with everyone else to say it's too damn short. And, like so many other ultra-popular indie artists with excellent songs like this, that those said songs have little place to be so short. Well, it may just be another day at the races, but I could go on to listen in for the rest of the week, so well played, Madman chesyre.
The Score - Excellent (5/5)
+ Starts off easy and finishes easy
+ A great song that really speeds things up for a change
+ As intense and dark as chesyre is to his music and the Madness universe
+ Reminds me of a stealth-action sequence
+ "Pro" musicians today can never equate to this craftsmanship
? Did it really have to be so short?

I enjoy 99% of your music, the other 1% being the songs I haven't heard! Keep up the great work!