Reviews for "Fight or Flight"

Can you help me? I just started 2 get into making music but i cant make a full song can u check out one of mine and post what u think i can do 2 improve? I have FL9 Producers Edition and Nexus and all legit and i don't want to walk away now knowing i dropped that much money into nothing, please help.
Also any one else who is willing to check out my crap music that maybe can give me a bit of help? Not looking for votes or views just help.
Thanks for reading

cheshyre responds:

I will totally try to help!

this is madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cheshyre responds:

Thank you!!

Reminds me of a madness movie or game it rings a bell but i dont know what it is

cheshyre responds:

Project Nexus, my friend! Thanks for the comment!!!!

that's hella awesome

To me, this is classic Madness music. 5/5 Love it.