Reviews for "Nuclear Mutation"

This by face is my favorite thx again chesyre for great music. ;)

cheshyre responds:

Thank you! And you're welcome!

It feels really aggressive and has a lot of energy. I like it!

cheshyre responds:

Thank you!!! I like you!

I'm going through, and downloading all of these songs. Because they're awesome. They're getting added into the playlist I use for other games like Battlefield 3, right next to the "Unreal Tournament" section.

I also find it a bit...wrong...that I got a Russian advertisement, something I've never gotten without being on a Russian webpage before, just because the title of the song is "Nuclear Mutation".

Keep it up. It just isn't a proper descent into Wonderla- I mean Madness without Cheshyre having a hand in it.

As for the game itself, the gameplay came close enough to the right feel that, when combined with the soundtrack, made it feel as if you were playing in a Madness movie. Certainly a step up from "Madness Interactive".

Who knows, maybe we could get our own hero specific to games like Project Nexus, with their own series?
That would be pretty cool, actually.
...Name him "Cyrus".

cheshyre responds:

Well, thank you! I'm glad you like them! I hope you clean house on Battlefield!
I can think of one horrible tragedy that could be linked to Nuclear Mutation in Russia, so that makes a little sense...

I agree, at times I forgot I was playing a game and not watching a movie! they did a great job!!
I'm all for a hero named Cyrus! WOOT!

This track was one of the my favorite ones.

cheshyre responds:

Thank you! Me too!

This is my most favourite one! :D
It reminds me of Madness 9 alot.

cheshyre responds:

Awesome! Thank you!