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Reviews for "Star n' Crescent"


I found that very entertaining,

The end was random and funny :P

Good job.


that is a good one LOL

shape flash very funny

wonchop there are 2 thing that you make that I very much enjoy one is makeing fake commercials of food things and Shapes in sulting each other.

Schbam HOOOO blehumoth

This is my personal favourite among the shapes flashes. The crescant's face is pure gold. This is so stupid it's funny as a duck (ducks are funny in the case you didn't know).

Also, this is a reflexion about nowadays lack of communication in our occidental society. See, the crescant don't understand the riddle and bemoans heavily towards the star so he would speak to him but he doesn't and the crescant is left ignorant and sad. That's how people are mostly todays, ignorant and sad. I mean, not at the same time because ignorant are happy, but there are ignorant and sad people.

This flash is very mourning by the fact of matter all the elements remind the night, the darkness but upon a white background, meaning all these grieves are happening on earth, by us. This is a strong paralanguaged pamphlet against our modus vivendi and our relations to each other. Great metaphors and images.

And finally, the crescant impersonates the moon, which here impersonates the old values of the elders and the start is the youth ahead, spitting at its respect-deserving ancesters. This depicts how young bastards are ruining our world. Oh man you're such a genius.
10/5 5/10

That's was pretty good

But i think he's got it. Like that you didn't stick strictly to "shapes" but changed it up. Humour was a nice like always. Good job.